Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My contribution to Wiki

This post to wiki is about Thomas Jefferson and the supposed children he fathered with Sally Hemming - hopefully Wiki will appreciate the clarification: As for Callender's original accusations, they are immediately suspect because of his avowed hatred for Jefferson; many of the "facts" he dished up are known to be false. One recently discovered document is a letter written by the nineteenth-century biographer Henry Randall, recounting a conversation between himself and Jefferson's oldest grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph. In this conversation Randolph confirmed what others close to the family had already disclosed: that Sally Hemings was actually the mistress of Jefferson's nephew Peter Carr, and that "their connection ...was perfectly notorious at Monticello." He also pointed out that "there was not the shadow of suspicion that Mr. Jefferson in this or any other instance had commerce with female slaves."*
  • The real Thomas Jefferson by Allison, Andrew, K.DeLynn Cook, M. Richard Maxfield, W. Cleon Skousen p.232-233 National Center for Constitutional Studies, Washington, D.C.

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